Random Civil Aircraft #1

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Originally a USAF C-121C, the HARS Lockheed Constellation is about to land at Avalon, Australia.

Good Day Everyone! Here’s a new feature that we’ll be running regularly in the pages of CivilAviationWorld.com. “Random Aircraft” will feature two dozen assorted aircraft photos – Commercial, General Aviation, classics, Experimentals, etc. – on one page, sort of a box of assorted candy for the eyes!

Qantas A-380 rolls out after landing at the 2009 Avalon Airshow.

Anything might show up here… retired airframes, retired types, boneyard photos, airshow photos, airlines and manufacturers from the past and present … you name it, as long as it’s a commercial or civilian aircraft...

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KEWR – Newark, New Jersey Scrapbook

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American Airlines B-757-200 exits one of the “22’s” at Newark International Airport, viewed from a New York Helicopter flight in the latter part of the 1980s. 

As one of the “big three” airports of the New York Metropolitan area, the Newark Liberty International Airport has an interesting past. Originally named the Newark Metropolitan Airport, it opened in 1928.  It was the only major airport serving New York City until LaGuardia and Idlewild (later John F. Kennedy International) were opened a full one and two decades later.

In the 1970s, the airport was renamed Newark International Airport. In the 1980s, People Express, among others, grew rapidly after the 1978 Airline Deregulation Act took effect, and began operating from the old North Terminal...

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The Boeing 747

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In the late 1960s, the Boeing Aircraft Company was developing an aircraft on a size and scale not seen before. Featuring a true widebody design and possessing four, new technology, high-bypass turbofan engines, it could fly 6,000 miles nonstop with 400 passengers onboard. This plane was called the 747 and it was said that Boeing bet the company to build it as they borrowed heavily to accomplish it. They succeeded and ultimately produced more than 1,500 examples. The latest 747 remains in low rate production today.

Earlier in the 1960s, Boeing was competing for a United States Air Force contract to build a large cargo plane. Lockheed won that contract with the C-5A Galaxy...

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