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Spotting at Vancouver International’s Seaplane Base in 2009

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August, 2009 was hazy and warm in the Canadian Province of British Columbia . Unfortunately, forest fires contributed to the haze, and stole some of the boldness of the Abbotsford Air Show that year. Still, the northwestern corner of the nation offered some great photographic opportunities. Nearby Vancouver is a great place to watch seaplanes – including amphibians – splash in and out of the waterways on the western side of Vancouver International Airport. Beavers, Otters, Twin Otters and Cessnas all showed up, and a further interesting group of amphibs were on display at the air show too, including a rare Republic Seabee. 

Here’s what I saw, first, the trio of aircraft at the air show (a turbine-powered Otter and Beaver, plus the Seabee), under cloudy and hazy conditions:

And from t...

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