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Shooting Oshkosh

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One air show I always look forward to shooting is EAA AirVenture. Located in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, AirVenture is a massive show to cover. PhotoRecon will have four (4) photojournalists on site this year to provide coverage of this event. It’s a 7-day event that will leave you wanting more!

As a photographer, my best advice is to have a plan. Perhaps you want to photograph a favorite performer and there is always something special to see in the Warbirds area. Check the schedule and make a schedule. The last few years, I have let myself wander without knowing where to go. I simply followed the sounds of the airplanes and shot whatever I saw. I don’t suggest this. This year I’ll plant myself on the flight line Saturday and Sunday shooting the arrivals...

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Indiana Seaplane Pilots Association’s Annual Seaplane Splash-In

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Pokagon State Park, situated on Lake James in northeast Indiana, is where families go to gather, hike, and play. On one special weekend, Pokagon becomes home to the Indiana Seaplane Pilots Association and their annual Seaplane Splash-In. This event has become a tradition on Lake James as it is now in it’s 16th year with seaplanes arriving from Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan, and all of Indiana.

Randy Strebig, President of the Indiana Seaplane Pilots Association tells me that what makes the Seaplane Splash-In so appealing is that it really has become a community event. “My local friends and neighbors from the Lake James Association and Steuben County Tourism, volunteers from the pilot community, from the lake community, they all got together and it really has become a community fly-in.”

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No Place Like Oshkosh

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It’s about that time again… EAA AirVenture, 2018! I’m so ready for everything “Oshkosh!” This will be my sixth year attending and by many standards, that still makes me a rookie. There’s still so much I’m sure I haven’t seen or done so my planning begins now… almost 50 days out. Some people plan a year in advance so I might even be behind at 50 days. I’ve learned most people plan according to who they want to see perform or forums and workshops they want to attend. This year, I’m hoping to do the same. On my list: The One Week Wonder, the Seaplane Base, and of course, the fabulous airshows that are put on daily!

Working with the One Week Wonder project is going to an experience I soon won’t forget...

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