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Fairbanks, Alaska Trip in 2004

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Former Texas Air National Guard Convair C-131B 

It has been almost sixteen full years years since I made a magical trip  from New Hampshire to Fairbanks, Alaska. My main reason was to report on the Indian Air Force’s first deployment to Alaska, to participate in the 2004 Cooperative Cope Thunder exercise. Of course, there was ample time in my trip’s itinerary to go plane spotting at a new airport, and Fairbanks International Airport didn’t disappoint.

Curtiss C-46F in the foreground was once operated by the Japanese Air Self-Defense Force

Back then, there were many old propliners and former military transports still flying in interior Alaska...

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An Incomplete Review of the Train Wreck That Was 2020

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The tumultuous year of 2020 has ended, leaving many dreams shattered, lives changed forever, and the aviation world a very different place than it was just one year ago. The so-called global pandemic caused by the COVID-19 virus has led to nationwide quarantines, mass commercial passenger reservation cancellations and corresponding airline flight eliminations – changing many fortunes in commercial airline operations. Reductions in staffing, including customer service employees, cockpit and cabin crews, and even air traffic controllers have been caused by both illness or lack of demand as commercial aviation ridership plummets. General aviation, business aviation and the air show industry have seem big impacts too, but not as bad as the airlines have.

Here are some of the changes we’ve n...

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Random Civil Aircraft #10

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Honda Jet on display at EAA Airventure Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

Well, the year is about over, and here’s our final photos of ten civil aviation scrapbooks. Enjoy!

Cessnas at Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

Cessna 185 at Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

PA-47 Piperjet at Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

Pilatus PC-12 at Wanaka, New Zealand.

Cessna C-206 at Lake Hood, Anchorage, Alaska.

Ryan Navion B at Wiscassett, Maine.

Glasair Sportsman at an unknown airport.

Cessna C-208 Caravan at Sacramento, California.

Lockheed 12A Electra Junior at Lakeland, Florida.

Learjet at Lakeland, Florida.

Piper PA-31 Navajo Chieftain near Denali National Park, Alaska. 

Conair Firecat waterbombers at Abbotsford British Columbia.

Citation C-510 Mustang at Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

Cessna Citation S-550 on approach to Dulles International Airpor...

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