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Seventy-Plus Year Old Aircraft Designs!

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Mooney M-18 Mite – 1947

Yes, that’s right. All of these aircraft were designed at least seventy years ago… in 1950 or earlier. Many examples of these aircraft are are still commonplace at airports around the world, although they might be much younger in years than the original prototypes. Under each photo is the manufacturer and the year that the first prototype of the aircraft flew.  Its hard to believe that some models are approaching three quarters of a century of usefulness!

Ford Trimotor – 1925

Fairchild FC-2-W2 – 1927

Monocoupe 90A – 1927

Fleet 2 – 1928

Bellanca CH300 Pacemaker – 1929

Curtiss Wright Travel Air 4D – 1929

Curtiss Wright Travel Air 4000 – 1929

Great Lakes 2T-1A-2 – 1929

WACO ATO – 1929

Pilgrim 100B – 1931

WACO YKC – 1931

Pitcairn PA-18 – 1932

Junkers 52/3...

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Mike Wiskus:: “I’m Going Out at the Top of My Game!”

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Unfortunately, it seems that 2021 will be the last year we will see Mike Wiskus flying that little orange – or is it red – biplane on the air show circuit.

At 63 years old (in November) Mike will be losing his sponsor, Lucas Oil, after 20 years.

I asked Mike if he had his way, how many more years would he prefer to fly his biplane at air shows.
“One to two more years, but I’ve got no regrets. I’ve had a sponsor as long as anyone. Do I want to quit?-No, I’ve made some calls, but I can’t imagine re- branding now, getting a new sponsor now, with the way things are, everyone is so apprehensive.”

I told Mike that I love how he doesn’t have an actual ‘routine’, and I especially enjoyed the annual “Mosquito Pass” at the Orange County New York Air Show...

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Airliners Album #8 – Throwback color schemes

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Enjoy these airliners which wore color schemes from older versions of their companies. Photographers include Shawn Byers, Mike Colaner, Ken Middleton, Corey Beitler, and Ken Kula

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