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Random Civil Aircraft #8

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Hawker Beechcraft Premiere 1 at Sacramento, California.

Here is our eighth  Random Photos album, enjoy!

Bell UH-1H at Sacramento, California.

Marsh S-2F3AT turbo Tracker at Sacramento, California.

Cessna Citation X at Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Cessna T-337G at San Diego, California.

Bellance 7KCAB Citabriaat  at Stewart  International Airport, New York. 

Raytheon Beech 1900D at Las Vegas, Nevada.

American Blimp Corporation A-170LS at an unknown location.

Avid Flyer Mk. IV at Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

Beech B-60 Duke at San Diego, California.

Beech 99 at Manchester, New Hampshire.

Beech F-90 King Air at Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

CAP 232 at Pensacola, Florida.

Hawker 400s at Manchester, New Hampshire.

Cessna 208 Grans Caravan at Pensacola.

Steven F. Wolf Cyclone at NAS Pensacola.


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Antique/Classic/Contemporary Aircraft Review #1

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1943 Beech D17S Staggerwing

The Experimental Aircraft Association’s Vintage Aircraft Association‘s mission… ” is to encourage and aid the retention and restoration of antique, historical, classical and contemporary aircraft, and to improve aviation safety and education.”

The Vintage Aircraft Association’s lineage reaches back to 1971, and was “originally known as the Antique/Classic Division of EAA…” 

The Vintage Aircraft Association is the world’s premier organization created to preserve and protect all aspects of vintage aviation. Our membership is world-wide, according to their web site.

The organization categorizes aircraft into three main collections, Antique, Classic and Contemporary.  Antiques are aircraft manufactured on or before August 31, 1945. Classics includes aircraft th...

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About Our Tales That We’ve Published, and Future Stories Yet to be Told

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The pages of,, and are filled with aviation-related stories which offer an archive of facts, figures, photos and first-hand accounts. We’ve published around one thousand articles and features between our three titles, and all of our content is still available for use… we never delete our stories. is our flagship publication, and is celebrating ten years of bringing aviation information to the world.

We are a talented group of authors and photographers, who’ve shared some of our experiences through these pages; some twenty-nine storytellers who choose to use our three digital aviation magazines in which to tell their tales.

All three of our digital aviation magazines are updated at least weekly with new content...

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