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Civilian Aircraft of Interest at EAA’s AirVenture 2021 (Plus a Few More…)

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Here’s a brief bit of coverage from the aviation festivities found in Oshkosh, Wisconsin during the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of the 2021 edition of AirVenture. The show featured over 10,000 aircraft in attendance (plus hundreds of thousands of pilots, crews, families, friends, etc.) over the span of a week. For your viewing pleasure:

Pipistrel Virus SW

Beech Super Kingair 360

Piper M600SLS

Tecnam P-2012

Blackshape Gabriel


Boeing 747-8F

Orbis MD-10-30

Cessna 206 of Samaritan Aviation 

Boeing B-747-8F

Plenty of Douglas transports on the field

Plenty of hangar sessions on the Oshkosh grounds too!

Travel Air 6000B


Aeronca C-3

Lockheed 12 Electra

Piper PA-22 Tri-Pacer

Formations weren’t uncommon in the skies over OSH

Howard DGA (Damn Good Airplane)


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Alton Bay’s Ice Runway is Open!

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Alton Bay, New Hampshire is a finger of water off of the southeastern end of Lake Winnipesaukee, in the center of the state. It boasts of a summer seaplane base, which becomes the FAA’s only certified ice runway in the “Lower 48” during wintertime. The New Hampshire Department of Transportation carefully grooms and operates the airport, which becomes available to the public once a foot of ice forms in the bay. “Ice in” never occurred in 2020, but in 2021, the ice formed sufficiently for the runway to open for President’s Day weekend. I spent a few hours on the ice that sunny Saturday, watching an impromptu aviation festival proceed.

The runway began this year as a 2600 foot by 150 foot ice surface...

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Our Civil Helicopter Photo Scrapbook

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Here’s a look at many types of civilian-operated helicopters from around the world. It is not a totally inclusive collection, but just some of our favorite types and photos.

Helicopters have become necessary in many areas of business and pleasure, from construction to firefighting, air taxi, tourism and civilian government work. How many of these types have you seen?

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