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Saving Sea Turtles: How This Rescue Makes “Turtles Fly Too”

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Autumn time in New England ushers in cooler days and even colder nights, and sunlight fades earlier and earlier in the evenings. Usually, there’s something that’s called a “cold snap” – a rush of colder temperatures and accompanying weather conditions that previews the winter that’s just around the corner.

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Indiana Seaplane Pilots Association’s Annual Seaplane Splash-In

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Pokagon State Park, situated on Lake James in northeast Indiana, is where families go to gather, hike, and play. On one special weekend, Pokagon becomes home to the Indiana Seaplane Pilots Association and their annual Seaplane Splash-In. This event has become a tradition on Lake James as it is now in it’s 16th year with seaplanes arriving from Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan, and all of Indiana.

Randy Strebig, President of the Indiana Seaplane Pilots Association tells me that what makes the Seaplane Splash-In so appealing is that it really has become a community event. “My local friends and neighbors from the Lake James Association and Steuben County Tourism, volunteers from the pilot community, from the lake community, they all got together and it really has become a community fly-in.”

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The Robert A. “Bob” Hoover Celebration of Life Ceremony

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Hoover 1 

A pair of F-86s, Hoover’s favorite aircraft, fly formation with an F-22.

Report and Photography by Bob Shane

October 25, 2016 marked the passing of R.A. “Bob” Hoover at age 94. He was one of the most accomplished and skilled aviators of our time. The really good pilots are referred to as a “Pilot’s Pilot.” This characterization is the definition of who Bob Hoover truly was. A fighter pilot, test pilot, flight instructor and air show pilot extraordinaire, Hoover did it all to perfection. Throughout his flying career he played an important role in the achievement of milestone projects such as breaking the sound barrier. He is widely considered the founding father of modern aerobatics...

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