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Category Museums

Last Year and Next Year – Where We’ve Been and What We See Ahead

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British Airways Boeing B-787-10 arrives at Boston with resumption of international travel.

Our three digital aviation magazines Photorecon.net, ClassicWarbirds.net and CivilAviationWorld.com cover a lot of ground where history is concerned. Through our lenses and keyboards, we strive to bring interesting accounts of contemporary and bygone aviation endeavors to our pages, for anybody to enjoy. Our team of writers and photographers are already planning to attend certain aviation events in 2022 to continue our quest to record history, such as air shows, trade shows, military exercises and commercial flight adventures.

Boeing C-17A transport arriving Manchester NH before a U. S. Presidential visit.

From our combined personal archives, we’ll publish past visions that took place decades ago, ...

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TWA Hotel at John F. Kennedy Airport

By: Category: Air FreightersAirlinersAirlinesAirports Around the WorldAviation PhotographyMuseums

Having grown up within miles from John F. Kennedy Airport, I eagerly awaited the opportunity to visit and stay at the newly renovated TWA Hotel on location at JFK airport.

The TWA Hotel opened in May of 2019 following a two year $265 million restoration of the Eero Saarinen TWA Flight Center which was first built in 1962. The flight center building is now the lobby of the 512 room TWA hotel. One of the hotels top features is a rooftop infinity pool and observation deck containing lounges and cocktail bar. In addition, the hotel has a sunken cocktail lounge in the lobby, and the Paris Café restaurant. One other outstanding attraction within the hotel premises is a cocktail bar located inside a decommissioned Lockheed Constellation.

For aviation enthusiasts the observation deck offers a p...

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About Our Tales That We’ve Published, and Future Stories Yet to be Told

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The pages of Photorecon.net, ClassicWarbirds.net, and CivilAviationWorld.com are filled with aviation-related stories which offer an archive of facts, figures, photos and first-hand accounts. We’ve published around one thousand articles and features between our three titles, and all of our content is still available for use… we never delete our stories. Photorecon.net is our flagship publication, and is celebrating ten years of bringing aviation information to the world.

We are a talented group of authors and photographers, who’ve shared some of our experiences through these pages; some twenty-nine storytellers who choose to use our three digital aviation magazines in which to tell their tales.

All three of our digital aviation magazines are updated at least weekly with new content...

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