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Category Seaplanes

Fifty Notes About Oshkosh’s Fiftieth EAA Convention and AirVenture

By: Category: Air Show PerformersAirlinersAirports Around the WorldAirshowsAirtankersBoeingBusiness AviationEAA AirVentureFly-inGeneral AviationHelicoptersMilitarySeaplanesSpecial EventWarbird

The year 2019 marked half a century of the Experimental Aircraft Association’s annual Convention, and later AirVenture events at Oshkosh’s Whitman Regional Airport. There were earlier gatherings at different sites, but the Oshkosh airport has seen the EAA add much infrastructure over the years to meet the ever-growing demand of attendees to their annual Midwestern bash. Fifty years is a lot of history, and too much to chronicle here. But, although I attended the festivities for only the first 2 ½ days, there was plenty to see and do. Here are fifty snapshots of what I saw during the fiftieth anniversary of Oshkosh aviation meets:


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First Look at the EAA’s AirVenture Oshkosh 2019

By: Category: Air Show PerformersAirlinersAirshowsAirtankersBoeingBusiness AviationEAA AirVentureGeneral AviationHelicoptersMilitaryMuseumsSeaplanesSpecial EventTransports


Here’s a first look at some of the great aircraft and events that took place at the EAA’s AirVenture Oshkosh 2019. This year, among the many aviation-related celebrations during the convention, the 50th year of the EAA’s Convention in Oshkosh Wisconsin was feted.

These photos were taken during the early part of the aviation celebration, on the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of the week-long event. Weather was a major factor during the first part of the convention; heavy rains and thunderstorms led to the closing of campgrounds on the Sunday prior to the show’s start, and aircraft were turned away too as the field was closed to any arrival that hadn’t had prior approval for parking on a paved spot. The grass areas at Whitman Field was quite soggy in spots.


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Shooting Oshkosh

By: Category: AirshowsAntiqueEAA AirVentureEventsFly-inGeneral AviationHelicoptersMilitarySeaplanesWarbird


One air show I always look forward to shooting is EAA AirVenture. Located in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, AirVenture is a massive show to cover. PhotoRecon will have four (4) photojournalists on site this year to provide coverage of this event. It’s a 7-day event that will leave you wanting more!

As a photographer, my best advice is to have a plan. Perhaps you want to photograph a favorite performer and there is always something special to see in the Warbirds area. Check the schedule and make a schedule. The last few years, I have let myself wander without knowing where to go. I simply followed the sounds of the airplanes and shot whatever I saw. I don’t suggest this. This year I’ll plant myself on the flight line Saturday and Sunday shooting the arrivals...

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