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Looking Back at A Few of the National Biplane Fly-Ins of the 1990s

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The 1994 and 1995 National Biplane Fly-Ins were held in the northeastern part of Oklahoma, at Frank Phillips Field in the town of Bartlesville. There’s a lot of interesting history that I learned about during my two visits to these fun-filled and educational fly-ins. Here’s a quick recap of my journeys, including mention of some of the VIPs that attended the weekend-long gatherings, plus a good look at just some of the aircraft that participated.

Kreider-Reisner (Fairchild) KR-31 powered by an OX-5 engine

First, let’s look at some history. Frank Phillips was the man behind Phillips Petroleum – and the Phillips 66 fuel company...

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“The DoD Salute To America 2020”

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Report From Dobbs Ferry, New York  by Bill Sarama on July 7, 2020:

I never knew anything about it!  Not a thing!  Thank you Ken Kula for sending out the US Northern Command Press Release No. 20-015 just as soon as you got it on Thursday afternoon, July 2nd. The Reporter Crew at received an announcement of a last minute approval by SecDef Esper that allowed the USAF and the USMC to support and participate in a big military flyover of four major cities in the Northeast late in the afternoon on Saturday, July 4th. Like WOW!  What a surprise.  For all of us Plane-Chasers who have been grounded all summer with no air shows to go to, to satisfy our Aviation Dependency to find any kind of an airplane adrenaline rush...

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The Great Cities of the American Revolution Flyover

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The Great Cities of the American Revolution Flyover by Daniel O. Myers

2020 marked the nation’s 244th birthday. Due to nationwide Covid-19 virus concerns, most activities normally associated with the holiday (fireworks, parades, concerts, etc.) were canceled. In an effort to honor America’s Independence Day in a safe manner, President Trump requested the DoD conduct military flybys over various parts of the country.

The weekend festivities kicked off on Friday July 3rd with the president giving a speech at Mount Rushmore, SD that was preceded by a military flyover consisting of two USAF B-1Bs and three F-16s, four Army HH-60s, and the grand finale- the USN Blue Angels ‘Bomb-Burst’ over Mount Rushmore...

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