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Blue Angels

Blue Angels tagged posts

Legends in Flight, Joint Base Andrews 2019 Air and Space Expo

By: Category: AirshowsMilitaryThunderbirds

Cover Photo

On the weekend of May 11th and 12th, Joint Base Andrews held what has become a bi-annual airshow. For years it went by the Joint Services Open House but was newly named “Legends in Flight” for the 2019 edition. The featured act was a double header with the United States Air Force Thunderbirds and the United States Navy Blue Angels. It is not unprecedented that they perform at the same airshow but it is rare. Mother Nature, however, is not an airshow fan. The Sunday edition was effectively canceled due to a large system of rain making for a shortened weekend of flying. There was more cloud cover than sun the entire weekend which included the Thursday Media session...

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Some Thoughts After Speaking With a Pair of Blue Angels

By: Category: AirshowsMilitaryU.S. Marine CorpsU.S. Navy


“Interview and most questions by Nicole Cloutier. Additional photos and questions by Mike Colaner”

On May 10th I had the pleasure of watching the Blue Angels arrive to Tampa before MacDill Airfest. I was assigned Blue Angel #4 Lt. Commander Nate Scott and Crewmaster Sgt. Anthony Black.

How long is your show season as a Blue Angel and what does a typical week look like for you?
We are gone 300 days a year. We are home Monday and Tuesday, Wednesdays are typically our home PR days, Thursday is our arrival to the show site and aerial surveillance. This is one of the most important parts called C&A (Circle and Arrival). Blue Angels 1-4 fly initially to identify and memorize visual checkpoints for show, one mile every 10 seconds, half a mile every 5 etc...

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The Robert A. “Bob” Hoover Celebration of Life Ceremony

By: Category: AirshowsEventsFriendsMilitary

Hoover 1 

A pair of F-86s, Hoover’s favorite aircraft, fly formation with an F-22.

Report and Photography by Bob Shane

October 25, 2016 marked the passing of R.A. “Bob” Hoover at age 94. He was one of the most accomplished and skilled aviators of our time. The really good pilots are referred to as a “Pilot’s Pilot.” This characterization is the definition of who Bob Hoover truly was. A fighter pilot, test pilot, flight instructor and air show pilot extraordinaire, Hoover did it all to perfection. Throughout his flying career he played an important role in the achievement of milestone projects such as breaking the sound barrier. He is widely considered the founding father of modern aerobatics...

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