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McDonnell Douglas DC-10 Scrapbook

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On final… a DC-10-10 approaches a runway somewhere in the world.

With photos from the collections of Shawn Byers, Scott Jankowski and Ken Kula.

McDonnell Douglas’s DC-10 airliner is pretty much extinct in commercial passenger service, although some freighter versions and a handful of military transport/refuellers still ply the skies around the world.

The first flight of a DC-10 occurred on August 29, 1970, almost fifty years before this article was written. The tri-motored jet was a successor to the four-engine DC-8, and originally was designed for medium range operation. Ultimately, a later version was made capable of intercontinental flight operations, and since it operated with three engines, it could span the oceans without many, if any restrictions...

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Boeing’s B-747 Celebrates Fifty Years of Flight

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It’s the Golden Anniversary of the First Flight of Boeing’s B-747!

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The first flight of Boeing’s (and the world’s) first “Jumbo Jet” occurred on February 9, 1969. With a heritage which contained ideas from the U.S. Air Force’s Lockheed C-5 Galaxy (of which Boeing was a losing competitor), the B-747 model became the largest commercial airliner in service in the years from the 1970s through the mid-2000s earned the nickname “the Queen of the Skies” in many circles. With a range and capacity never seen before, the airliner opened a huge amount of new city pairs and became a supreme status symbol of many international airlines’ operations.

The first flight of Boeing’s (and the world’s) first “Jumbo Jet” occurred on February 9, 1969...

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Boeing B-727 Scrapbook, Volume 2

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Boeing’s B-727 tri-jet prototype first flew on February 9, 1963.  Two major variants were built, the shorter fuselage version with an oval center/tail engine air intake came first. and was generally known as the B-727-100 series.

The -200 series had a longer fuselage and a circular air intake in front of the tail. Various versions of each model were ordered, a Combi included a fuselage side cargo door for loading containers and freight in the front part of the aircraft, while the rear part contained passenger seating. The B-727-200 Advanced version has different engines. All-freight versions were produced or modified too.

The rear tail entry/exit door, which was placed below the center engine, gained a certain amount of notoriety as the mode of exit for D. B...

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