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Chino Air Show 2010

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Dave and I attened the annnaul show down at Chino the other day. The Chino Air Show 2010 went off without a hitch and it turned out to be the largest drawing air show in their history. We attended three days as ‘media’ and we’d like to thank Frank Marmillo for the opportunity!! This year a record-number, upwards of 40,000 attendees, enjoyed the aviation history education and inspiration provided by the show along with perfect weather!

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WWII Reenactors at Chino Air Show 2010

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Not only was it an air show but Planes of Fame had several different clubs show up as WWII Reenactors. You could walk thru many different types of camps. They had a camp for the AVG that flew P-40s in China. They had a British Army camp. My favorite(which I’ve never come across before) was a German Aviation outfit and they even had two German Storch aircraft. I’ll write more about this later..

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Photorecon catches up with Jim Beasley

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I’ve been carrying this shirt to airshows for many years. I  have gotten autographs from many famous aviators. I had both of the other Horsemen sign the shirt but Jim Beasley had always escaped me. He is a trial lawyer and the last few shows I attended with the Horsemen performing, Jim had to be in court. But not this time. I trapped him down and he obliged with signing my shirt!! Thanks Jim!! Mission Accomplished!!

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