Turboprop Air Freighters Scrapbook

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The turboprop engine gave many older piston powered airliners a second wind, when converted into turboprop air freighters during the 1960s and 1970s. Convair 240/340/440s became 580/600/640 turboprop versions, and after their passenger service, many migrated to freight service. Beech 18s were rebuilt into the Volpar Turboliner.

Other turboprop airliners like the Nihon YS-11, Shorts 360, Beech 99, ATR-42/72, Embraer 110/120 and Saab 340s were all converted into freighters, and many are still around today.

More models converted into freighters include the Saab 2000, Swearengin Merlin and the Beech 1900. FedEx ordered many Cessna 208 freighters for overnight cargo use… the Caravan is also a popular passenger plane.

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Airliner Colors #3, Frontier Airlines

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Airbus A-320 “Piper white the pelican”

The Frontier Airlines of today began operations in 1994. Prior to that, a different Frontier existed, operating between 1950 and 1986. That former Frontier was absorbed into Continental Airlines, and has little connection to the current airline, except for personnel who’ve worked for both companies.

Today’s Frontier Airlines made its first flight on July 4, 1994, with a main hub at Denver’s Stapleton Airport, and soon moved to the new Denver – DIA International Airport. Flights began with focus on the midwestern U.S. Today, the airline is classified as a U.S. major airline by the Department of Transportation.

Embraer E-190 operated by Republic Airlines for Frontier Airlines

The company has followed a twisting path since its inception, with many corp...

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Piston Engined Air Freighter Scrapbook

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Here are a few photos from our archives… of piston-engined freighters. Yes, we added a few photos recently used in our 4-engined scrapbook too… enjoy!

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